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Advent Giveaway

Advent Giveaway

Advent Giveaway - 4 Weeks. 4 Goals. 4 Ways to Give Back.

Advent Giveaway is a time that we come together to financially bless our local and global communities. We want to be generous this Christmas Season, and one of the cool ways we do that here at Peace Portal Church is through this giveaway.

We invite you to partner with us beginning December 2nd!

WEEK ONE - Home for Every Child Adoption Society

Come alongside and help fund 'Home for Every Child', a local non profit that is supporting families who are caring for vulnerable children through adopting and fostering programs. 

week one video

GOAL:  $10,000

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WEEK two - Jaffray Project, Northern Iraq

Help provide living quarters for a Pastor & his family in Northern Iraq for the next year as he Pastors a church in an area previously devastated by ISIS.

week two video

GOAL:  $15,000


WEEK THREE - Seniors Come Share

Seniors Come Share: Help fund the ComeShare "Caregivers Program" that seeks to support family members as they care for aging/vulnerable parents.


GOAL:  $10,000

WEEK four - Peace Portal Uganda

Over the years, Peace Portal Uganda continues to flourish and we want to come alongside and financially invest in the ongoing advancement of our elementary school for the sake of community transformation. 


GOAL:  $20,000