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Bar Headers - Compass Men

The mission of Compass Men’s Ministry is to grow in discipleship with Jesus, and to become stronger leaders in the home, community and workplace. We are focused on being an inter-generational group who through relevant and meaningful opportunities, will experience authentic friendships, and spiritual maturity.

Bar Headers - events

Dinner and Mini Series

We're excited to host a new 4-week mini series called 'Man Alive' - leading a powerful life transformed by Jesus.

the schedule

  • Series Kick Off Dinner and Part 1  Monday, October 16th, 6-8 PM
  • Part 2, October 23, 7pm
  • Part 3, Monday, October 30, 7pm
  • Part 4, Monday, November 6, 7pm
  • Part 5, Monday, November 27, 6pm (Wrap will be served. Please bring $10


$30 covers the meal and the book, "Man Alive'.