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Brent & Rianne White Brent & Rianne are a young couple with twin toddlers and another on the way. They are inviting anyone looking for an intergenerational mix of couples, singles and families to launch their small group with.
Status: PreLaunch
Abbotsford Alternating Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.
James & Natasha Farrell; Brian & Melissa Shepherd They are two couples in their 20s-40s with newborns, and are looking to add 2-3 couples with kids. Surrey Every second Friday
Bill & Helen Pimm
Bill & Helen are seasoned leaders in their 70s. They are looking for 6-7 additional people to start a small group with. South Surrey/WR Wednesdays 2-4pm.
Brenda Strobl
Brenda is looking for 8-10 people in there 40s and 50s to form a small group with. Singles, widowed, divorced or single parents are welcome to join. South Surrey/WR Midweek (exact day to be determined by the goup)