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Advent Giving 2022

Advent Giveaway

Advent Giveaway 2022

We invite you to a different type of Christmas. A chance to give intentionally to work happening locally and globally. We hope to raise $40,000 over four weeks, broken up in different ways for different causes.

WEEK 1  November 27th
Local Food Programs - 
Goal $12,000

For many of us, we don’t think twice about where our next meal is coming from. However increasingly in our city, that isn’t the case. We have been able to run weekly dinners both locally and in partnership with another organization in Whalley over these last few years. We would love to continue running those meals and continuing to engage in meaningful relationships. Alongside of that, we’d love to commit to a weekly warm meal at the Winter Shelter happening in our community. Join us as we seek to raise $12,000, as this will cover a weekly meal for the shelter throughout the winter, and our weekly meals for the next year.
WEEK 2  December 4th
Peace Portal Uganda - Goal $12,000

We were thrilled to get a chance to visit the team this past fall for the first time in a few years, and it was so great to hear of and see the fruit of their resilience and commitment to the community over the last few years. What has remained constant in Mpigi is the desire to offer education, food, and Christian discipleship to those in their community. In this process, lives are being transformed. Please join us in partnering with the team in Mpigi, Uganda, to cover ongoing expenses of education and transformation in their community.

WEEK 3  December 11th
Journey Home - Goal $6,000

In October, we announced that we were wanting to continue our engagement with refugees in our city. In entering into a partnership with Journey Home, we heard of what it could look like for us to become a Community of Welcome. As we seek to do that, there are costs associated with covering the gap between the support these individuals and families receive from the government and the reality of living here in Surrey. Join us in raising $6000 to commit to a family for a year.
WEEK 4  December 18th
The Alliance Canada Partnership in the Middle East - Goal $10,000    
Nearly two years ago we sent a family from Peace Portal to work alongside the local church in the middle east. During that time, some amazing friendships have been formed, some doors for ministry have opened, and the work of the kingdom of God is advancing. We want to continue to support  the local leadership in this region as they seek to love and lead their community towards being on mission.