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advent giveaway

Advent Giveaway

4 Weeks. 4 Goals. 4 Ways to Give Back.

Advent Giveaway is a time that we come together to financially bless our local and global communities. We want to be generous this Christmas Season, and one of the cool ways we do that here at Peace Portal Church is through this giveaway.

Thank you for partnering with us to bless these communities!

Advent Giveaway #1 - December 1

WHO: H.T. Thrift Elementary

WHAT: Breakfast Club Program beginning in January of 2020

WHY: There are a significant number of families sending kids to school hungry, making it difficult for them to focus during school. We’ve identified over 40 families attending this local South Surrey School, that we’d like to come alongside of relationally. This Breakfast Club is an amazing opportunity for us to practically serve these families.

HOW: $15,000 for start up costs and ongoing feeding of children at the Breakfast Club. 


Advent Giveaway #2 - December 8

WHO: Peace Portal Uganda

WHAT: This fundraising initiative is so that we might continue to support the work that Pastor Michael and his team are undertaking in Mpigi, Uganda. Peace Portal is sending a team to Mpigi in the summer of 2020. This team will come alongside Michael and the teachers at Heritage School, continuing the growth and opportunity there. As the kids there grow, their school costs get increasingly more expensive, making the need greater. Our kids continue to succeed, a testament to the power of this partnership.

WHY:  It’s  an amazing opportunity for the local church to come alongside those in their community and provide an education for them.

HOW: Join us in raising $20,000 for the continued support of educating 500+ students at the Heritage School and helping break cycles of poverty in the Mpigi District.


Advent Giveaway #3 - December 15

WHO: A Rocha

WHAT: The Friends to Family Program

This is a program created in 2009 as part of the broader Children’s Education program to connect vulnerable Surrey children, seniors and families (primarily of refugee and newcomer status) to seasonal food, nature, and positive relationships through partnerships with the Surrey School District and local non-profits.

WHY:  God called us in the beginning to care for creation. Part of his reconciling work through Christ involves his creation. We should be invested in creation care. We also have a desire to bless one of our Local Partners. A Rocha is an international Christian organization which, inspired by God’s love, engages in scientific research, environmental education, community-based conservation projects and sustainable agriculture.

This program seeks to do the following for those attending:

  1. They develop skills in growing and/or using seasonal vegetables.
  2. They develop an understanding of their local habitat.
  3. They make increasingly healthy food choices.
  4. They build supportive relationships and cross-cultural connections.

Last year they had over 550 adults and children come through this program. They served over 800 snacks and meals, and donated over 1200lbs of organically grown vegetables to those in need.

HOW: Join us in raising $10,000 so that the most vulnerable in our community can receive vital education regarding the kind of food they should be eating, and so that many more can come in contact with A Rocha. 


Advent Giveaway #4 - December 22

WHO: Northern Iraq – Christian & Missionary Alliance

WHAT: Settlement Camp Support - Winterization of tents and food for families

Pastor Samir, the local pastor that we supported last year through the Advent Giveaway, will have none of that financial support remaining by the end of December. With the funds, Pastor Samir would put together care packages consisting of rice, oil, beans, pasta, milk, etc. The church would also help winterize the living conditions as temperature dip to nearly freezing. The church has provided heaters, blankets, winter clothes, etc.

WHY: One of the clear ways we as a community are working with least reached regions in the world. It’s an initiative of our denomination in an infancy stage that we want to continue to come alongside and support.

HOW: Join us in raising $15,000 to allow the local church to come alongside those in settlement camps within their region and provide food and warmth this Christmas season.