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Advent Giveaway

Advent Giveaway 2021

Advent Giveaway is a time to refocus the joys of the Christmas Season by giving generously to various partners in our local and global communities. Join with us to show the Hope, Peace, Love and Joy of Jesus to our neighbours. 

Week 1 - Cold Weather Shelter  
GOAL $5,000 

+ $10,000 to BC Flood Relief

Last year, Peace Portal’s gym was the site for a Cold Weather Shelter, serving those in our community who are in need. And while this year’s shelter will be hosted by Mount Olive Lutheran Church, we are thrilled to continue our involvement by partnering with them to provide warm meals each week, for guests at the shelter. Help us play our part in the Cold Weather Shelter this season, a life-changing mission. 
In addition, due to the recent devastation from flooding in BC, we are adding another $10,000 to this week’s goal to assist Yarrow Alliance Church, who along with other local churches have opened a Flood Relief Community Care Centre to offer practical assistance, care, and compassion to those affected in their community.

Week 2 - New Story Community
GOAL $12,000 
In 2021, New Story Community began on Keats Island, in partnership with Barnabas Family Ministries, creating a healing and equipping centre for Indigenous women. The women live together in strong Christian community, participating in a program of healing, Bible and academic studies and skills development. The goal is to remove the labels and barriers that keep Indigenous women from flourishing, helping them write a new story  of hope, healing and redemption. Help us partner with New Story Community, with a goal of $12,000, participating in reconciliation through the love and mercy of Jesus.

Week 3 – Refugee Sponsorship
GOAL $10,000 
In our desire to continue supporting families seeking refuge globally, we have committed to giving $35,000 to a local church in Vancouver, sponsoring a refugee family of 12. The sponsored family are related to members of our Peace Portal Community. We have $25,000 earmarked for this and ask that you help us make up the difference of $10,000. 
Week 4 – Peace Portal Uganda
GOAL $15,000    
This past year in Uganda, most students were at home, in lockdown. Some of the funds that have been typically spent on education went towards COVID initiatives, caring for the most vulnerable in the community. As schools reopen this year, education fees are uniquely higher, as students seek to catch up with their schooling. Our hope is to come alongside Pastor Michael and the team at Peace Portal Uganda, helping to cover the educational costs for the many students looking to get back on track. This week’s goal is to raise $15,000 for Peace Portal Uganda, partnering with them as they engage with their neighbours in practical and holistic ways.