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Our church is not a building, but people. Wherever two or three of us gather together, Jesus is present with us.

We're glad that you've joined us in this space. Although we love to gather face to face, our hope is that you will encounter the Living God as you walk through these various components of service, in this unique season.

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Church At Home - May 31st

Welcome! We are so happy that you have joined us today!



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1.  If 1 was “Floundering” and 10 was “Flourishing” how would you asses your faith journey since this COVID-19 season began? 
How do you feel about where you would place yourself?

2.  Scott mentioned a number of things we can do to participate with the Spirit’s work in our lives during a crisis:

  • Start with God and remind ourselves who He is and His faithfulness to us in the past
  • Resist beating ourselves up and getting ‘stuck’ because we aren’t where we would like to be
  • Honestly bring the reality of our struggle and pain to God
  • Listen for God’s word, direction and perspective
  • Follow through in obedience to the things God asks of us & the things that will help us fix our eyes on Jesus

Of that list, which is most easy/natural for you to do and which is the most difficult?  Why do you think that is?

3.  In very practical ways, how do you ‘bring the reality of your struggle and pain to God’?   Prayer? Journalling? Other activities or practices?

4.  Have you been able to identify one way your faith/experience of God has sustained you and helped you through this season?  Can you identify one way that this crisis has revealed an area that you would like the Spirit to keep working on?

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