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Our church is not a building, but people. Wherever two or three of us gather together, Jesus is present with us.

We're glad that you've joined us in this space. Although we love to gather face to face, our hope is that you will encounter the Living God as you walk through these various components of service, in this unique season.

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Church At Home - August 9th

Welcome! Thank you for welcoming us into your home!

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Discussion questions:

  1. Who was the most influential person in you coming to faith? What about that relationship was so compelling?

  2. When you think about sharing your faith? Does the thought of this intimidate you? Does it motivate you? How have you done it in the past? Have you ever had the opportunity to lead someone to Christ? 

  3. What would need to change in your life to allow you more time to share your life and the Gospel with people around you? Who is one person that God is or has been putting on your heart to pray for, and share Christ with at some point? 

  4. Why do you think it is so hard for people to be honest about their struggles and hardships with each other? Where might God be inviting you to open up about your life to someone, to be vulnerable about your struggles and past? 

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