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This season presents a unique opportunity to serve our neighbours.

Below are ways that you can help.

  1. Give Help
    Fill out this form, and we will be in touch!
  2. Community Caring for Community
    Take Away Meal Program, White Rock.- Contact Pastor Jon for more information at
  3. Love Your Neighbour as Yourself.
    As you buy groceries, buy extra, and drop them off in the bins on your way out of the grocery store. The food banks are in need of more in this season.
  4. "Young Families" Diaper Drive
    Support our Local Partner Youth Unlimited during this difficult season by dropping off a box of size 6 diapers to the church. 
  5. Sew a mask for neighbors, friends, and family!
  6. Be attentive to your neighbors.
    Reach out in safe ways and check in on those who are most vulnerable. 
  7. Donate Blood
    Donations are significantly down, and the need is still great!