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Even though we can't be together right now, KidShine wants to continue to serve families!

Lent Kits

Lent is another important season in the church calendar. This year Lent begins on February 17th. We have made a Lent Kit with information and supplies to make your family's journey through Lent meaningful and fun. Register here for your kit.

Church at Home for KidShine!

Join us here on Sundays to watch curriculum videos, then scroll down for supporting resources. New Videos will be posted on Sundays at 9am! 

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January 17th

KidShine grades 1-4

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Bar Headers - little kidshine

Bar Headers - kidshine sundays

Bar Headers - Pre Teen

You can download J57 Sermon Notes here, to help your kids follow along with this week's main service. 

Discussion Questions

  1. What is the last "normal" thing that you did with your family before COVID-19? Ask your parents to possibly look through their camera roles to help you remember.
  2. Have you ever saved up to buy yourself something awesome? What was it and what was the process like having to save up for it over time?
  3. Have you ever seen someone do something wrong, yet not get in trouble for it? Think about the definitions of "redeem". What do you think it would look like for God to redeem this person from what they did?
  4. Thinking about how you and I are definitely not perfect people, what do you think God's reasoning was for wanting to redeem us in the first place?
  5. Is the idea of being redeemed from your past a difficult idea to accept? Why or why not? 


Maybe take this time to talk to God about the idea of redemption. Maybe ask to be redeemed in ways you might not be able to see now. Maybe thank him because you really feel redeemed!


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