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Baby Dedication

Baby/Child Dedication

We are happy to come alongside you as you take this important step to dedicate your child/baby. 

You are invited to share a meal and hear more about the significance of child dedication. Please let us know you're interested by completing the application form.  We will get back to you about the next Parent Information lunch.

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Child Dedication is a public declaration to raise your child in a Christian home. These are the dedication vows you will be asked to take before God and in the presence of the congregation:

Will you set before this child the example of a godly life and instruct him/her in the elements of Christian faith?

Will you seek to lead your child to acceptance of Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, to nurture him/her in the Christian life and endeavor to bring him/her into membership and the fellowship of the church?

Will you do these things helping him/her to confirm by his/her own free will and actions the dedication we make today?

Will you seek to fulfill these vows to the best of your ability, God being your helper?

Dedication Services: There are certain dates set aside for Baby Dedications in 2019. They are Family Day Feb 17, Mother's Day May 12, Father's Day June 16, Aug 11, Thanksgiving Oct 13 and Dec 29.

**Mothers Day Dedications (May 12th) Are To Be Determined**

There is one pastor officiating child dedications for each date. If you have a special relationship with a Pastor, we can let you know the date they are scheduled to officiate.