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Sunday Service

We welcome you to join us in person on Sundays at 10am! 

fall speaking series

Your Kingdom Come
God’s Kingdom—It was one of the topics that Jesus spoke most about and it’s how He taught us to pray. As a result, “May your Kingdom come” is one of the most prayed for things over the past 2000 years. But do we know what we’re asking for? What does it look like when God’s Kingdom comes? Is God’s Kingdom in Heaven or is it already here? If it is….where is it? What does it look like and how can we be a part of it? This Fall we are going to spend some time exploring the beautiful and expansive implications of God’s Kingdom—broadening our understanding of God’s saving work in Christ and increasing our understanding of the ways we can participate in His Kingdom.

Kingdom Come

Wednesday, September 14 at 6:30pm. Kingdom Come is an opportunity for the people of God to seek the King and pray for his kingdom to come more fully through worship and prayer. At KC we hope for greater participation for all who attend as we cultivate a more spacious environment to pursue God, wait on Him, listen to His Spirit, and use our spiritual gifts. 

Church Online

Livestreamed Sunday Services at 10am  Join us on our livestream, where you will be able to engage with others through our chat, hosted by pastors and leaders. The chat is open to those who have questions or need prayer throughout the service.

Peace Portal YouTube Channel
Services are available to watch on demand any time throughout the week, updated every Sunday afternoon.

KidShine YouTube Channel


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