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Crusade of Tears Vol. One   a novel by C.D. Baker

Another historical novel takes the reader back to a bleak time  - “It’s the year 1212 – Jerusalem is occupied by Islam. Thousands of Christian knights in armour have failed to liberate the Holy City. Who else will the Church send to fight for the faith?  More knights? Peasant labourers? Or….their children.”  Here is a tale of unbelievable events chronicling the sacrifice made by hundreds of thousands of children as they trekked across a continent on a misguided mission.  One has to ask if we in this day and age could withstand such a perilous journey with faith so strong. 

Quest of Hope Vol. Two  a partner with Vol. One above  by C.D. Baker

This is the remarkable story of Heinrich, father to two of the young lads who unbeknownst to him have joined in the Crusade of Children.  It details his life from birth, informing us of the tremendous efforts it must have taken to merely stay alive let alone thrive in this perilous time of history.  Having read these novels, one cannot help but be in awe of the “redemptive suffering” these crusaders endured.

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Choose-A-Book Plan

How it works:

• Library staff identifies book and media items

• Displays are arranged for you to browse the recommended items

• You choose an item to purchase and donate it to the library

• You are given first opportunity to sign out item

This is an approved, tax receiptable, library book donation plan.

Special Reasons 

Consider purchasing and donating a book to honour a person or an important event...bookplates are available for specific acknowledgement.

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